Strawberry White Chocolate Bark

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INGREDIENTS NEEDED -white chocolate -freeze-dried strawberry powder -freeze-dried strawberry slices & pieces

1. Melt 2/3 of the chocolate in a double boiler until and heat until it reaches between 37-43°C (100-110°F).


2. Add the remaining chopped chocolate into the melted chocolate and stir until melted and the temperature lowers to 29-30°C (84-86°F)

3. Pour a third of the melted chocolate into a bowl and stir through freeze-dried strawberry powder

4. Pour strawberry white chocolate onto parchment paper on a baking tray

5.Sprinkle strawberry pieces and crumbled shortbread over the strawberry chocolate

6. Pour remaining white chocolate over the strawberry chocolate and smooth to cover

7. Sprinkle remaining shortbread biscuits, strawberry pieces and slices over chocolate

8. Leave to set at room temperature and then break up into pieces

Why you’ll love this:  - Super cute for the lover's - Easy to make - Makes the perfect gift

Pop pieces into  a clear bag and tie with string or ribbon- your loved one will adore this

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So fun!